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wine tasting

Wines Together isn't just another wine tasting event. My group was taken through an interactive and exciting evening of wine sharing that was fun, educational without being stale, and opened my eyes and palate to new wines and varietals I hadn't tried previously. Wines Together is a fun party to host for wine aficionados and novices alike!

Sara W.

Wines Together was a fun way to learn about and enjoy wines with a group of close friends. We left with increased wine knowledge and lots of fun memories!

Brittany R.

I love entertaining but sometimes get overwhelmed preparing my home for company. Wines Together was so easy to set up and I didn't have to worry about anything! My friends had so much fun and we learned a ton! We had a blast and can't wait to try more packages!

Bonnie C.

Wines Together helped me figure out genuinely what wine I am in to, and allowed me to focus on the different flavors. It's a space for fun conversation and great learning!

Katherine P.

At our Wines Together gathering, it was clear that the main goal was to simply enjoy our time together as we built helpful knowledge about wine. Simple, enjoyable and enlightening. I would recommend hosting a party to anyone.

Allison M.

The Wines Together event I attended had a variety of guests ranging from those with an enthusiasm for wine and prior knowledge about oenology to novices interested in learning more basic information. Our wine expert handled the incorporation of this broad range of information for all guests with ease and everyone left more knowledgeable about wine, various wine-growing regions and what their individual palettes prefer.

Amy G.

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