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Wines Together believes that learning about wine should be fun and informative. After all, we drink wine because we enjoy it. Shouldn’t the process of learning about wine be the same way? The Nashville Somm, Davis Campbell, will help you and your friends learn what you like, why you like it, and what to like it with, all in the comfort of your home.

Enhancing your knowledge of wine

one sip at a time.

The Wine Expert...

Celebrity Chefs, Celebrity Guests. Our sommelier,  

Davis Campbell, has worked from coast to coast with top chefs and top tier wines. 


Now, he wants to bring his unique and fascinating knowledge of wine to your home. Wines Together aims to give you the knowledge to recognize what you like to drink based on your unique palate and not based on popular opinion.

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Drinking and learning should be fun!

No boring lectures, no forced opinions. No sales! Wines Together is about enjoying wine and your company while learning at the same time. 

A new way to learn about wine...

Wines Together is an easy, fun way to enhance your wine knowledge surrounded by your friends in your home. You supply the people and place, we bring the wine knowledge.

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