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Become a part of the Wines Together Tasting Club which will unlock two high quality wines per month that don't break the bank, hand picked by the Nashville Somm. Platform for delivery will be local wine shops or depending on your location. 


Enjoy these wines in the comfort of your home, include your friends, and let the Nashville Somm guide you through the wine world by tasting two wines per months. This is a thoughtful curated community of wine lovers at all drinking levels from around the country experiencing and sharing wine and the stories behind them. 

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 Two wines per month including virtual tastings with the Nashville Somm. Quarterly Commitment- $10.00 per month, plus cost of wine. Each bottle will always be $25.00 or less. 
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Fast Facts

  • $30 quarterly subscription to become a part of the Wines Together Tasting club which will unlock two wines per month (all wines will be capped at under $25 a piece).

  • Wine selections can be purchased at local wine shops or depending on your location.

  • Live tasting every 2nd and forth Wednesday of the month via private Facebook group. Each tasting will be saved there for future reference.

*Please note that depending on your area, there is a possibility specific wines may not be  available. The Nashville Somm will ensure you have a comparable bottle replacement that embodies similar expressions of the region/grape.
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